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32% ABV

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Blind Jack's Cocktails perfectly mixed at the bar for you to enjoy profecional cocktails at home.

You cannot get more classic than a classic Old Fashioned. This humble concoction of four ingredients—whiskey, sugar, bitters, and water—is quite literally the cocktail that started it all.

Dehidrated Garnish provided.

You will require ice lots of ice.

A Little Background

There are two cultural touchpoints that show where we stand with Old Fashioneds these days. The first is Mad Men. Don Draper, ‘60s era marketing bad guy with killer style and ruthless charm, sipped Old Fashioneds made with rye, club soda, and cherry (we’ll allow it). He embodied the classic aura of Old Fashioned drinkers: stylish, successful, male. We loved him, and the show, for it. Ryan Gosling’s character in Crazy, Stupid, Love fit that bill, too, with a 21st-Century twist. He made his Old Fashioned the traditional way, at his home bar late at night, then did the Dirty Dancing lift with a love interest—a devastating combo.